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Calgary to Camp Kindle

RUN for the CHALLENGE ...  RUN for the FUN ...  RUN for the CAMARADERIE ...  RUN for the SCENERY ...  RUN for the PARTY ...

... RUN TO HELP #EndKidsCancer!!

Now in it's fourth year, The Sears Great Canadian Run is coming to Alberta!

Since 2011, The Run has raised more than $2 million dollars for pediatric research and treatment across Canada and we are thrilled to be bringing this event to Albertans!

On August 23, 2014, runners, families, friends and co-workers will travel 100km from Calgary to Camp Kindle in support of brave children, and their families, battling cancer.

Be a part of The Run, and help us #EndKidsCancer!

For more information, explore this site or email us

See you on the road!